Thursday, March 31, 2011

Macy's Flower Show

So yesterday I had my internship in the city for a design group. My boss gave me permission to stop by the Macy's Flower Show on 34th. Goodness it was beautiful! I wish I had a better camera but I only had my phone, so for that I apologize. This is also why I am doing another mobile update, to save myself the trouble of uploading the photos from my phone, considering I don't know how. Definitely a good idea for downloading this app! Below is what I saw. Enjoy!

Also, the photo of that stunner is who I saw coming out of the show. Yes, that is his dog. No, he didn't speak English. Only in that melting pot of NEW YORK!

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Beauty Trends Fall 2011

So now that all of the Fall winter collections are over, it's time to show the beauty trends you will be sure to see! Enjoy! And remember to follow us on here, Bloglovin, Twitter, and like us on Facebook!

"Undone Hair"

"Flashes of Color"

"The Now Brow"
Now I have to say this one is my favorite. In an earlier post, I wrote about Jacquelyn Jablonski how she worked the thick eyebrows. I love that is has become a growing trend!

"Reworked Ponies"

"A Range of Reds"

I, myself have been trying to work in the red lipstick with any outfit I can!

"The Flawless Face"
Lately I've been only wearing foundation, blush, and mascara with white eyeshadow under the brow and a dab at the inner eye. I've found that this is a very simple look for everyday wear. Also it shows a great difference from day makeup to nighttime.

"Inspired Embellishment"

"The Graphic Eye"
This is another one of my favorite beauty trends. I love the silver and white eye make up. This really makes your natural eye color pop when it's surrounded by a lighter color.

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Ralph Lauren's Garage

I'm not a car person, but to say that this is only Ralph Lauren's garage, I could only imagine what that rest of his house/s look like. This is honestly like a vintage car show. It's hard to believe that one could house all of these vehicles in the vicinity of a household. Todd Eberle was able to photograph these amazing cars. I could imagine what a spectacle this could have been.

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