Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Vivant Awarded Careers in Fashion’s Best of the Web Award

So some exciting news! Today, Vivant was awarded and will now be featured on Careers in Fashion’s Best of the Web Award Page! We received this award for our support for sustainable and eco-friendly fashion! The badge below will show that we support this innovative trend and will be featured at the bottom of our page along with the rest of our buttons!

Thank you to Kendall from Careers in Fashion for giving us this award!

Photo from Google.
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Ethically Responsible AND Stylish: The IOU Project

Yesterday I returned from South America! A little early, but made it home safely. It was a beautiful vacation. I was able to relax, but the mosquitoes had a feast. I will have to show you all pictures at some point!

Anyways, I wanted to share with you something that really interests me. So you all know, I usually try to make references to fairly trade, organic, and ethically responsible products. Before I left for vacation, I received an email from a woman named Kavita who is a designer for a company called the IOU Project. I was really honored to receive this personalized email. She told me that she liked what I have been posting and wanted to tell me about what she has been working on. This company works to create garments that are 100% personalized. How so? Because each thread is hand woven by weavers in India, than sent to European craftsmen to assemble the pieces.

Another thing that I really like about this company is that the clothes are actually wearable! A lot of people are scared of sustainable and organic products because they feel that you still can't be in style. You can definitely look cute wearing this line.

Below I provided you with a video that better explains this company. I honestly feel really happy whenever I watch this. And you all know me, I'm not trying to sound cliche but it's the truth. So I hope you enjoy and suppose this movement, I know I do. Like them on Facebook, the link is below and visit their website. I've also provided you with some pictures of their garments. Love to hear your feedback and I'm sure the IOU Project would too. They will be launching in May 2011 so I would love to see how this project will take off! Enjoy! And remember to follow Vivant on Facebook, Bloglovin and Twitter as well as Google Friend Connect!


Photos from the IOU Project Facebook page.

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Monday, April 11, 2011

Vivant's First interview

So Vivant was interviewed today by fellow bloggers Tweedledee and Tweedledum. I'm so excited for this and you should all check it out and follow them as well! Enjoy!

Photo from vogue.com
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A Summer Day Mood Board

Morning Oxford*: Steve Madden
Beach: J.Crew
Morning Dress:TopShop
Evening Dress: ASOS
Day Trouser: Yves Saint Laurent
Day Top: Charlotte Russe
Day/Beach Cloche: Forever 21

ipod Choice

* I may have previously put this on a wishlist post. But recently, I saw them at Macy's and I absolutely NEED them!

So today is a BEAUTIFUL day my me. It's actually HOT! I was inspired to do another wishlist entry. I hope you guys enjoy. From one of my previous wishlist entries, a friend of mine instantly bought one of the dresses I had put up and she LOVED it when it came in. Please let me know you're feedback!

Update on the fashion show:
I know you guys have been waiting to see the rest of my collection for the fashion show at my school. It was actually pushed back to May 11th, so you guys will just have to wait a little longer, sorry!

Also! This Wednesday, April 13th, (also my birthday), I will be going on vacation to Guyana in South America for two weeks! I will be sure to put up some beautiful photos!

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And please, check out The Silverlake Serpent. Great great great photography and blog entries! I now follow them, you should too!

Mood Board made by Marrisa
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