Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fashionitos: D&G Menwear A/W 2011/12

Now, I am not a menswear expert but who doesn't love men who dress well? (And how many of us secretly want to dress up our significant others like Ken dolls? I do. Except it's not a secret and I tell my boyfriend that all the time.) Anyways, I fell in love with this menswear collection because it was playful and relaxed. Menswear runway usually depict the models in a way that they seem so uptight. I LOVED the use of bright colors (vivant! Come on now!) The use of layers and vintage logos were so fun! I thought it was so innovative how the collection mixed casual with formal wear.

Below are some of my favorite pieces so feel free to comment!
And I am still waiting to hear from more new fashion bloggers! If you don't know what I'm talking about, go here. I will be creating the page on Wednesday, February 9th. So please keep the emails coming!

Photos from Vogue Australia


  1. i absolutely love your blog layout. And the coca cola coats are so much fun!


  2. Wow, the guys look so handsome! They look very preppy but with an edge! xooxoxxoo

  3. It's really a nice collection, I could really use this inspiration: next wee my boyfriend and I are going to shop in Birmingham, time to find him something new!

  4. Smart combination of colors, I love the last look. Not completely funky, not completely preppy and the cream, brownish colors always look good on men, I have this thing for men wardrobe in those colors ....then you just add a funky color= 'The Look'
    (*Fan of D&G)

  5. i really love your blog!
    keep the wonderful inspiration flowing!
    come visit COSMICaroline for a revamped layout and see the work of my brand new photographer!


  6. I would LOVE a pair of those D&G sneakers for myself!!
    Thanks for your comment, stop by any time.

  7. great blog! love the header!

  8. These are great looks!


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