Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Rodarte Fall 2011: Grassland Beauty

This collection just makes me think of a gently breeze while laying on vast grasslands. Rodarte has created a BEAUTIFUL collection. It was filled with full and feminine skirts and soft jumpsuits. The macramé was wonderfully done. The color palette throughout this collection was something I felt is was a different approach to the fall season, but nonetheless breathtaking. The textiles used were absolutely amazing! The hair reminded me of twigs of birds nest, which I believe went perfectly with this collection.

Please feel free to follow me and leave a comment! Below are my favorite pieces.

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  1. im so happy i have awesome bloggers such as yourself to keep me updated with fashion week and what not!! and yes! id love to follow you babe!


  2. Ah this collection is beautiful, i love the way the girls have their hair too lovely photos.
    Thanks for the comment on my blog we can follow each other if you like

  3. Nice collection. I don't usually like jumpsuits but that spotty one is fantastic and my favourite look here!

  4. This collection is really beautiful. Of course i follow you, your blog is great!
    Do you follow back?

  5. rodarte always gets it right


  6. really loove it!xx

  7. I just commented on how much I love Rodarte's look where they paired the long dresses with long jacket/ coats.
    I am loving the 4th look from top to bottom, there is really a lot from this collection I can choose from.
    Thanks for pictures.

  8. Hi girl! Amazing pictures! I LOVE the dress in last picture, it's soooo gorgeous.
    May be we can follow each other on Bloglovin'?

  9. Uber gorgeous pictures! I've always been in awe of Rodarte since their collaboration with Target.

  10. this Rodarte dress is amazing! I love the last dress the most!


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