Friday, June 3, 2011

Erdem Resort 2012

This blend of tweed and florals was magical! Beautiful silhouettes and playful dresses. The trousers fit beautifully and I would love to have the floral pant and the salmon colored ones. The lace and embroidered work were fabulous. I fell in love with the floral pumps as well! Interesting color scheme, but it really worked for Erdem! The dark salmon and navy looked very nice together. I'm going to have to try to mix some of those colors up myself. This is one of my favorite collections and the one I feel like I can attempt to recreate in my own ways. Below are some of my favorite pieces.

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  1. They look good, I like floral prints, the floral shoes are great<3

  2. I love those textured tomato red pants. So beautiful!

  3. Erdem is one of my absolute favourites. They also surprise and inspire me with their creativity and ingenuity. GREAt post!


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