Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Age of Aries....-ius!

Please don't leave me alone on this one, but how many of you BUGGED OUT when you found out that your zodiac sign had been a LIE for all these years? Then how many of you then said twenty minutes later, "Forget that, I'm still a (respective zodiac)." That's exactly what I did. I am originally an Aries. An avid Aries, at that. I feel that I hold all the characteristics of this sign. And then one day, "You are a Pisces". Good jokes. I don't know how to be a Pisces. I've been living the life of an Aries for all these years.

Then it hit me. I had two concerns for this alleged sign change.

1. The Aries birthstone: diamonds.
2. A ring my father had handmade for me.

Both of my parents are from Guyana, a country in South America. So on my first trip during the summer of 4th grade, my dad had this 14K gold ring made for me. I was really sad to find out about this sign change, especially because of this ring! But then I heard two things about this news that made me feel better.

1. The changes only apply to people born after 2011.
2. The scientist who came up with this is a nut job.

And so, I remain an Aries.
What was your reaction to this zodiac change? What was your old and "current" zodiac sign? Please comment! And continue to follow me!


  1. if you feel like Aries, you are Aries!
    i'm still a Leo ^^

  2. Hey, I'm still and Aries too! ;) That ring is beautiful<3

  3. I'm still an aries too :) Love the ring btw, xx


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