Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Emilio Pucci: Pre-Fall 2011

Emilio Pucci's Pre-Fall Collection was definitely one that made my shriek with excitement. The colors, the prints, the texture.. fabulous! Each garment had it's own sense of fluidity. The color palette was effortlessly smooth. The blues and greens in the beginning of the collection moved beautifully into the pinks, than purples, and into the reds until it eventually met with orange. I felt like I was moving my eyes through a color spectrum. Trés vivant.

I loved the belts he used on many of the garments. And Pucci was one to implement a new growing trend: the tassel. Definitely loved this collection. Below are the pieces I felt highlighted the collection.

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  1. ooh nice colours and shapes all summery and calm and kinda relaxed looks

  2. The first dress took my breath away, and I love the look in the 6th picture too!

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  3. Hey, how are u?
    I loved your blog. Congratulations!
    I am from Brazil, and I have a fashion blog too. Now I am living in London.
    I hope you like it:

  4. i love Pucci collections... this prefall one is beautifull as ever! i like first and scond pics <3

  5. I love the dresses paired with boots. Thanks for the comment I'm following now so can't wait to see more hope you follow back :)

  6. hey what a superb collectiona and he is a genius! So interesting and powerfull at the same time! you have a beautiful blog here and I am following you now ;)Thank you for stopping at mine and leaving a lovely comment.

    Take care, J xx


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