Sunday, January 16, 2011


So today I enjoyed a fabulous day of shopping at the mall, primarily H&M.

I spent my Christmas gift cards with the help of the mama. As I picked up everything I wanted, (which was probably one garment short of the entire store), I realized I had unintentionally filled my hands with PURELY navy and striped garments! Of course, I had to go back and regroup, put some items back. But I must say, the items I picked up were EXTREMELY versatile. I was able to create at least nine or ten different outfits with what I had bought, and isn't that a great feeling? Knowing that that one piece of garment can go a long way. I'm just itching for an occasion where I can wear most of these outfits. I am especially excited to get all decked out for my internship in New York, which will begin in a few weeks.

The Style: Nautical
Typically, I'm not a blue person. Not in the least bit. The color just never appealed to me. But the way the blue and white has been depicted for the spring, I just can't get enough! I'm very excited to match a thick blue and white (or red and white) stripped 3/4 sleeve shirt with a floral dress (please refer to the about me section). Plus, the hint of yellow will finish off the outfit. This is not a new trend for the spring, but I for one am not ready to put a passing eye.

Below are just a few of the outfits I was able to put together with what I bought today.

This is a jumper that I place to piece together with clunky heels, and either a striped blazer or a cream laced top.

These pants are probable going to be the new staple in my closet. These brown bag capris fit really well and sit very nicely above my belly button. I have plenty of blazers I plan to mix and match with.

Now this is a secret that's just between you and me. This dress is actually one of my mom's vintage skirts that she passed on to me. I was being goofy and brought it up to fit like a dress and I actually liked how it looked. I put a belt with it and put this lace top that I got today and I really like this relaxed, summery look as a result.

Another secret. Also another vintage skirt from my mom. Another look for the spring/summer. I LOVED the brown patch at the elbow, which I pinned for you to see. Very preppy. We can get out of this cold weather now, please.

This was an actual vintage dress that my mother gave me recently.

Now these are just some socks that I found in my mom's drawer and I thought they were the CUTEST things. Haven't seen any like these really. Very excited to wear.

I will take more pictures when I have occasions to wear these outfits to.

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