Friday, January 28, 2011

Do You Shop for the Label?: UGGS

Working in retail (for me, Famous Footwear), you learn about the products you sell, and I'm sure you've learned that if you work in retail as well.

How many of you have heard of Bearpaws? And how many of you have heard of UGGS?

Well they are the same exact shoe. The only difference is the price, in which Bearpaws can be 50%+ cheaper than UGGS.

I have told that to many customers, and many have told me, "No, I have UGGS, they are much softer than these." I tell them to feel the inside to which then then reply, "Oh wow, these feel exactly the same as my UGGS."
Still don't believe?
I was doing shipment one day and my manager was telling something about the Bearpaw boots that we sell. Well, she was saying that when she worked at another Famous Footwear store, they had received an email. The email said that if they received any Bearpaw boots with UGG labels on them, SENT THEM BACK!

So what does this mean? The shoes come from the same factory, and different labels are put on the shoe. There is only a SLIGHT difference at the top of the boot. However I don't imagine that that would be a deciding factor, considering it is almost completely irrelevant when the boot is on the foot. (That's only my opinion). Personally, I never jumped on the whole UGG craze when it first came out when I was in middle school and I still do not own any to this day. UGG Boots Tall are $180 while Bearpaw's Emma Tall (the same shoe) are $90. If the quality is the same, then what are you paying $90 extra dollars for? Or $90 less dollars at that. What will/do you go with? The expensive name or the less known shoe with the same quality?

Below the UGGS are shown on the right, and Bearpaws to the left.

Please tell me your opinion! And continue to follow and read!

Images from the respective product's website.


  1. I totally agree! It may of been you (?) but there was a similar post to this about abacrombie and fitch, as well as holister and other big branded clothes labels! Uggs are defo not my thing, but i have a fake pair from primark i got for £4 that i wear round the house cos they are comfortable and all. What is the point of getting a sports sweater with the words 'A & F' jumping out. I was on a ferry and there were a million girls my age wearing A & F jumpers, many the same. They also wore ugg boots and leggings. I did not like at all. Im sure some of them had the exact same outfit, its not my style. Still rediculous. You can go for a better look with cheaper stuff!

    FLossie xx
    (P.s. love the bit about the label mix up)

  2. thanks for your comment, dear<3 Follow each other? <3

  3. These boots are the comfiest! there bad for your feet in the run though, but we are a sucker for fashion. I know I love wearing mine.



  4. I like uggs, but only for around the house. I don't understand why people would want to wear them out :S

  5. My opinion is to not always go for the label. Taste has nothing to do with labels anyways.
    Uggs are made in Australia for almost a 100 years. When i got my first pair 11years ago they were much cheaper. Then some celebs started to wear them, they bacame popular and more expensive. The US and Australia even had a fight about the name rights. US wanted to forbit the Australians to call the Uggs Uggs. An Australian Ugg seller said to me, that is if someone wants to forbit you to call the tamato tomato! So stupit!
    So always make sure you buy an australian product if you get a pair of uggs, even if it´s not an original!

  6. I honestly do not care because when your broke you have to shop for deals. Some brands are worth the extra bucks like Banana Republic or Sam Edelman but most of the time I buy based on price and quality.

  7. I didn't know that before! To me, I don't really see anything different; I don't think I'll pay any extra just because it's a brand name when I can get the same thing from a generic brand or lesser known brand. xxxoxooo

  8. i have to admit...uggs are comfy and warm....<3


    Love, L

  9. I discover your blog and i thiks is really nice, i love it!!

    i follow you!!!

    kisis from spain

  10. I also work in a place that sells boots called Emu boots which are again exactly the same as Uggs and at a cheaper price! Thank you for my comment & I love your blog :) I'm following XX

  11. Yes, the Abercrombie/Hollister deal is very similar!

    Honestly, I don't really like I wouldn't spend my money on either. Certain brands/designers I have more respect for because I like to do a bit of research before I buy things, however, I generally buy handmade when I buy clothes or shoes. I almost exclusively buy from Etsy now...That's just how my preference goes. I think all of this is personal preference.

  12. I always go with the cheaper alternative. labels were never that big of a deal for me. quality speaks more so if they're just the same anyway, id much rather use my extra $90 bucks for something else.

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  14. Lovely photo's!
    And i love your blog!
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  15. I always go for the cheaper alternative, thats great to know. I hate how uggs are such a fashion statement now, growing up in Australia they were just the regular thing you would wear in winter around the house never to go outside and wet in.

  16. I did not know this! I'm a huge UGG addict, but I'm definitely going to have to check out Bearpaws in the future!


  17. i hate Ugg, not for the boots but for the people who buy them !!

  18. I will say something that might make you angry......sry.........Ugg was the first who created that model of boots.....there is no way that somebody could make them in better quality for lower price......I don't agree that anybody should pay enormous prices just because of labels but you shouldn't buy copies to be what you relly can't be!!!!!!!!!! If you can't buy Uggs you should fing another boots that fit your budget

  19. Except, of course, if the rumors are guys should read a book called "Fashion babilon", where you can read about all jucy gossip from fashion world....about how designers are copying each other, how clothes (gucci bags and pucci scarves) made of extra fabrics are sold on the fair in Florence for extra low prices-they call it cabbage clothes, how designers are buying vintage clothes and redesigning the book

  20. I love Uggs. They are so comfy and cute,and they keep you warm.


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