Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Chanel Haute Couture S/S Review

Today the Chanel Haute Couture collection was shown at Paris Fashion Week. The line opened up with Chanel's classic tweed with modern twist, a necessity for Chanel. That was a great way to open up to the show. Karl Lagerfeld did a great job with adding hints of glimmer in places without looking excessive, such as solid sequin pants, jacket cuffs, and lapels. The sashes around the waist gave the silhouettes a light, airy feel. However, there were a few things in this collection that I may express a difference of opinion to.

I have stated before that I am not a fan of the flats on the runway and, in this case, especially for haute couture. If flats are necessary, they should at least be done in moderation, not on every model. At the very least, a kitten heel would have done some of my favorite pieces justice. The flats used did nothing for the legs of the models. They especially did not enhance the look of the longer dresses.

There were some pieces that I loved. The textiles used were absolutely phenomenal. Again, the tweeds were amazing and the dresses were beautiful. However, there were not any looks that I found to be the "it" piece. I was not a fan of the slim fitting denim pieces. I did enjoy the slim trousers in other textiles, but not the denim. From the waist down, it did not give me a sense of mystique or give me chills. To me, that just looked like extremely well constructed white wash jeans. I felt that it did not fit well in the collection.

In conclusion, I must say that this season I will be Team Dior for this season's haute couture shows (in terms of the two houses). I felt like there were a lot of "filler" pieces and some of the outfits did not have a place. I was much more blown away by Chanel's 2011 S/S RTW collection than the haute couture collection. I did like a lot of pieces in the collection. Looking below at what I picked out, I feel like this collection could have had much more of an impact if there were not so many pieces that I did not like.

Here are my favorite pieces. And feel free to voice your opinions!

This was my favorite look

Photos from vogue.com.


  1. Yeahh!! Im totally agree not that I hate flats but im a stiletto's girl .. in general the collection its very romantic and its interesting to see some classic outfits with a modern twist ..LOVE the troussers

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  2. So stylish collection!!!


  3. I hadn't seen this collection until now, i adore your choices. I think your right that flats don't really belong on an Haute Couture runway, but it is interesting that he chose them, they do look chic with the outfits and maybe even the point was not to detract away from the garments just subtly compliment.

    Beautiful collection, great blog.

  4. I LOVE the jacket in the fourth picture - it's very Blair Waldorf. However, I am not a fan of this collection overall. :/

  5. Love the short pink dress with the rhinestone belt/sash!!! :)

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  6. My fave collection!! Love this!

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  7. Love the collection :-) Great blog.



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