Saturday, January 15, 2011


Oh, what we do for fashion. I'm the person that will try to implement heels with any outfit. Pumps with skinnies, wedges with sun dresses, stilettos with skirt. I love my legs and heels accentuate them (of course to the appropriateness of the occasion). It was about 2008 when the runway began showing socks with heels and I was in LOVE. Each passing season has made this trend more and more popular and I can't get enough of it. But now what is the growing trend for this season? Flats on the runway? I must apologize, trend forecasters, but I simply cannot comply. Not that I have a problem with flats or I do not own them. I just feel that a ballet flat cannot give the same wow-factor as summery heeled sandal. I understand that the shoe can dress up or dress down an outfit, but I do not believe they can transcend the same affect. When the occasion calls for heels, they cannot simply be swapped for flats for the same intent.

On the other hand, I do feel that when matched appropriately, flats can look chic, not a dumb-down version of the style adjusted for comfort (depending on the intention of the outfit. Of course there are times when we all can be comfortable). White laced socks can give off a "cutesy" feel when matched just right. Below, a friend of mine exemplified a relaxed feel, and an outfit the necessarily calls for flats. A summery, breezy silhouette.

Alexandria Photograph.Italy

Alexandria Photograph.Italy

In conclusion, I have to say: In no way am I condemning flats. I am giving a simply requesting that you, in the holy name of shoes, choose wisely.

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