Thursday, January 13, 2011


So, here it is. I finally got around to making this blog. I wanted to create something that I could voice my opinions on a topic that I feel very passionate about: fashion. I wanted to share my love of the subject with fellow fashion lovers and perhaps even provoke conversation.

Writing was actually my original passion that in which evolved into fashion writing, then fashion designing. Now it looks like we are right back to square one. However, I still plan to attend college with a major in Fashion Design (But college is a whole different type of mental break down that I'll express when the time comes). I thought it would be cool to create something on the side.

Vivant is vibrant in French. I chose this to name my blog because I feel that it is a word that describes my idea of style (plus it just sounds better in French). I hope my words and my insight will convey that of the same.

And, so down to business. My fashion marketing class had a trip in town to local shops, or Urban Outfitters, essentially. With only about fifteen minutes left in the classes, a friend of mine and myself booked it to the end of the street to see if we could pick anything up quickly before we had to return to school. Now, while I'm writing this entry now, I'm kicking myself for not buying these patterned trousers that I found to be absolutely fabulous. Me being the terrible second thought shopper that I am had no justification whatsoever as to why I did not make this necessary (in my eyes) purchase. Of course, I plan on returning and making right my wrong.

This will be (or should have been) my first attempt to rejuvenate my wardrobe for the spring. I am in full support of moving on from the currently all too generic skinny jeans.

Kimchi Blue Cummerbund Trouser


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